We are building human walls against Trump and misogyny.

Brick x Brick is a public art performance that builds human “walls” against misogyny. During the wall performances, participants wear brick-patterned jumpsuits adorned with colorful brick patches bearing statements of misogynistic violence made by Donald Trump. Placing divisive words on the jumpsuits is a symbol of our resistance and determination to maintain control over our bodies. Linking hands to form community walls of individuals further blocks and subverts the harmful messages that subjugate women. When standing in wall formation, we hold silent space that amplifies our message and builds unity through passive participation with the audience.

Prior to the November 2016 United States presidential election, we built “walls” in eight different states including Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia. We then joined forces (old and new!) in D.C., the day after Inauguration Day 2017, as an official partner of the Women's March on Washington. On January 21, 2018, Brick x Brick built simultaneous walls in 12 states across the country including Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, California, Missouri, Ohio, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, and Massachusetts.

We believe that women's rights are humans rights. We resist patriarchal, heteronormative, discriminatory and oppressive systems and structures of power. Misogyny has no place in our White House or in society.

We stand in solidarity with an intersection of voices from all socio-economic, geographic, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including indigenous communities, people of color, people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ communities. We acknowledge the past strides of the women’s rights movement and we pledge our actions to the continued evolution of equality for all women.

We Believe:

  • In standing in solidarity against any actions that threaten civil and human rights.

  • Xenophobia, Islamophobia, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and bigotry have no place in the White House or in society.

  • Black Lives Matter

  • People with disabilities’ rights are human rights.

  • LGBTQ+ peoples’ rights are human rights.

  • Indigenous peoples’ rights are human rights.

  • Immigrants’ rights are human rights.

  • Environmental rights are human rights.

  • We are indivisible. One nation; one for all.

  • Every life and every voice are equal.