New 2019 actions announced!

On Saturday January 19th, 2019, we are concentrating our collective power in D.C. for the Women’s March for #Women’sWave2019 and we are building a wall at the LA Trump Golf Course. We are showing up for ourselves, the movement and for others unable to attend.

Will you show up with us? To join us in D.C. or LA, please fill out the participation survey. We are also seeking donations to help bring our organizing team and deputies — a diverse team of tireless and dedicated young activists — to D.C. We are also thrilled to announce our newest accessory, our “We Show Up” gloves! A donation of $15 gets you a limited edition Brick x Brick Patch. $20 gets you limited edition “We Show Up” gloves and $30 gets you both!!!

In addition, Brick x Brick is planning an action for Spring 2019 at the border between Texas and Mexico. Rather than building a wall — we will break the wall down — and greet asylum seekers with kits of necessary supplies and cooked meals. Look for more about joining and supporting this initiative in the next couple months.