Join us in DC this Friday, October 5th, to build a human wall in the Senate lobby against Trump and Kavanaugh.  Brick x Brick will be following the lead of the Women’s March organizers on location/times of direct actions. For those in NYC, we will be leaving late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

Fill out this brief survey ASAP if you are interested in joining and we’ll get back to you with information as quickly as possible. If you cannot join but would like to support those that can, please consider donating to Brick x Brick here. B x B patches will be sent to donors!

Self-care is essential in these moments, so please consider your PERSONAL readiness. However, if you feel physically and emotionally prepared to participate and are able to join me, I would be honored to stand with you again.

Last week we learned that direct actions DO matter. Our co-director was in DC with leaders of the Women’s March to participate in actions that blocked elevators and confronted Senators on the way to the hearing and Senate Judiciary Committee vote. Among the attendees were Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher who fearlessly confronted Senator Flake with their truths. They showed the world that direct action WORKS.